Omari Neville and The Fuel

Omari Neville

 Daryl Johnson

 Gregg Molinario

 Austin Clements

Eric Struthers


Omari Neville and The Fuel was formed 2 years ago by Omari Neville and Daryl Johnson to pay homage to the tradition of New Orleans music. The members of the band include lead singer and drummer, Omari Neville, bassist and vocalist, Daryl Johnson, guitarist and vocalist, Greg Molinario, guitarist, Eric Struthers, and also on bass and keyboard, Austin Clements.  In fact, Daryl Johnson and Eric Struthers are former members of the Neville Brothers which alongside The Meters, paved the way for these New Orleans musicians. The Fuel  uses a combination of New Orleans funk, rock n roll, punk and alternative rock, reggae, blues, and soul to create the perfect musical gumbo.  Omari Neville and The Fuel are carrying the torch of a legacy that will last forever.